Virtual Puppet Con: Northeast Edition

This fall the Northeast Region is hosting Virtual Puppet Con: Northeast Edition, October 2-11. Organized by our Regional Director Sharon Murphy Boski and a team of volunteers, the weeklong virtual conference will feature performances and workshops online, along with panel discussions, films, and more.

The Northeast Region of Puppeteers of America consists of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, upstate New York, and Eastern Canada. Virtual Puppet Con: Northeast Edition is a celebration of the Puppetry of the Region. The proceeds from this event will support the Northeast Region of Puppeteers of America, so we can continue to fund collective projects, like Regional Festivals and this virtual event.

There will be performances, workshops, panels, films, a special section for youth and families, historical documentaries, a puppet slam, shopping, an open mic night, and more unique content!

Registration is now open, check the website or Facebook page for updates! Official website: